We started Foundation 4Life® in 2006 to build people, families, and communities wherever 4Life® conducts business, with a particular focus on the children of the world.

Foundation 4Life is building a legacy of service by fostering long-term, sustainable partnerships with families and communities around the world. Our organization’s three-tiered approach targets the specific needs of each community, working closely with community leaders to best support children. The ultimate goal is to leave a lasting legacy of empowerment for children and the communities in which they reside.

Children truly are the future. Foundation 4Life considers it a privilege to do everything in its power to provide the best possible foundation for these children to create truly extraordinary lives of their own.


  1. Miss lisonbee how’s it going its been so long do you remember me from your 6th grade class last year wow it’s been long junior high is really fun and filled with challenges all I have to say is that you were so right and all the silly stuff and goofiness is not going to get you anywhere some how luckily I changed my style and I have amazing grades you r the best

  2. You have posted some beautiful photographs! I love photographing beauty, especially sunsets and sunrises. Let me know if you would like to see some.

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