Share Your Legacy

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My grandmother, Josephine Lupo Palmieri, was one of the biggest dreamers I’ve ever known. Living in Florence, Italy with her husband and young daughter, she had a dream to bring her family to America. At that time, it was very difficult and expensive to make such a journey. After waiting for months, Josephine and her family finally received passage to board a ship for the United States.

When they boarded, my grandmother was eight months pregnant with my mother, Bianca. Josephine knew it would be a difficult journey and perhaps even dangerous to be on a ship in her condition. But she also knew that if they postponed the trip, they would not get a second chance.

As they were preparing to board the SS Conte Biancamano, Josephine’s water broke! However, Josephine was determined that they would not turn back, so she and her family members boarded the ship anyway. After being on the ship a few days and doing everything they could to postpone labor, my mother Bianca was born, off the coast of Portugal.

Josephine was a great dreamer! Her sacrifice, courage, and faith were the beginning of a new life for my family. Because of my grandmother, my personal legacy began. My mother’s birth on the SS Conte Biancamano marked the beginning of one of the greatest dreams I know.

There are always going to be challenges in front of us. Things will rarely go exactly as we plan them. Only those who sacrifice, have courage, and believe in their dreams will move forward and share a legacy that others will want to emulate.

As a young girl, I watched my parents continually serve those around them. But more importantly, I watched my parents empower others to help themselves.

As I have traveled all over the world this past year, I have witnessed 4Life® family members empower people to live healthy, happy, and phenomenal lives. As you transform your body with the help of PRO-TF® and the 4LifeTransform® program, you can also transform your life with 4Life!

What legacy will you share with the world?



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