The Best Part of What I do

I love being on the road. It is always a bittersweet feeling for me to return home. It is hard to leave the children, families and new friends that I meet.One of the many things I love about what I do is returning often to the places I go and see the children and individuals grow and progress intheir own lives.

At the Sousei House in Okinawa, I have been able to see these children not only grow taller, but also progress in their talents and educational skills. One boy named Yoshizumi was so excited to see me again. He took my hand and showed me around the house, pointing out his artwork and introducing me to his new friends. He also made sure that I watched him complete his special job. He was assigned to separate the long plant leaves used to make beautiful good luck charms that the children create to sell at a local museum. Yoshizumi loves sharks just about as much I do and every time I visit, he has a paper shark made ready to give to me.


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A few years ago, I met a beautiful girl named Bea in the Philippines. I was able to return to her home and hear about all the amazing things she has been doing. The day that I arrived she had just completed and passed her exam to attend seventh grade. She was so excited! I was honored to be there to celebrate that moment with her.


I never dreamed that I would be traveling the globe, speaking to thousands of people, meeting new faces and learning to love the different cultures of the world so deeply. It was an honor to meet and speak to these people who I love, admire and can’t wait to be with again. And yes, after many failed attempts, I have finally mastered the “stage selfie”.















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