14 Days, 7 Countries

From France to Sweden, to Russia and Finland. Estonia, Denmark, and Germany, the world never ceases to amaze me. Enjoy these pics from my latest adventures.


French girl playing in rain

Swedish Sunset
Stockholm, Sweden
Tallinn, Estonia
Midieval Ruins of Estonia

Estonian Woman
Why wouldn’t I put this awesome Estonian dude on my blog…
Stamping my own Estonian coin
Gearing up for the archery contest
Sorry ’bout it Robin Hood
Almost beat that darn Fill from the UK
St Petersburg, Russia
Everywhere in the world

Catherine’s Palace

A wee little Russian monkey
Tribute to Freddie Mercury at the Rock Pub

This was a young boy singing for us in St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg. So amazing. Sorry about the blurriness šŸ™‚

Cool Egyptian artifacts in the famous Hermitage Museum

Aquarius, God of the Sea
Catherine’s Summer Palace..and thats just the front yard!

I am not a big ballet fan, but this was quite an experience sitting on the original chairs of the theater in the Yusupov Palace. Pretty amazing.

I have two words: Purple Glory

Helsinkin, Finland. The house of the famous composer Jean Sibelius. He composed one of my favorite Christian Hymns “Be Still My Soul”

Private concert of Sibelius’s Music. He and his wife are pictured in the back.
Hamburg, Germany. Ruins of a church that was bombed in World War II
Our new homies from the Hamburg School of Music
Copenhagen, Denmark
A not so delicious Danish meal…raw herring just isn’t my thing.
Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid. His story is where Disney’s Little Mermaid came from
Danish soldiers guarding the queens palace…the one on the right is giving me the eye…I could take him…I could take both of them.
This is the original statue of Christ by Carl Bloch located in a church in Copenhagen.Ā  There is a replica of this statue in the visitors center at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. One of my favorite statues

Who wouldn’t we want to ride the flying swings at the famous Tivoli Amusement park. It was a fantastic view of Copenhagen. As you can see from the movie, I was excited and a bit nervous šŸ™‚

This reminded me of the book “The Three Questions” based on the writings of Tolstoy. The three questions are, What is the best time to do things? Who is the most important one? And, What is the right thing to do? The answers in the book are: The best time to do things is now. The most importnat one is the one you are with at that moment. The right thing to do is to put others before yourself. Live in the moment. Enjoy where you are at this moment and look forward to where you will be in the next moment.


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