My First Great White Shark. June 2009

Words cannot describe my emotions as I saw the elegant, massive, beautiful torpedo body blast out of the water for the first time.  I still feel like it is a dream. Great white sharks are one of the most amazing, magnificent wonders of nature. I am in awe of the docile, organized manner of these gigantic creatures. It is day three so far of the ten days that I will be living in False Bay, South Africa. Every day has brought something different.  Each shark has a very distinct personality and is not afraid to make it clear to us these characteristics. They are all so different. I want to know everything about them.  Being here with these sharks is more than I could have ever imagined. The world is full of beauty, we just need to open our eyes wider. Anything is possible. Dream Big!

Great White Shark


  1. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky aunt Lisonbee, while you were at machu pichu, I was at the lindon pool going on the flo rider and I crashed on the top and when you crash theres hard rubber bars when you go off the wave and I fell on my but! Oh yeah do you remember me complaining about my tail bone on the soccer field? Well aparently I broke it about three months ago because the doctor said, how long have you had this pain for? And I said about three months why? That’s when you broke it!!! But dont worry about it, because now I have to sit on a old man donut pillow! And so whenever I cough,sneeze,run,jog, or bend down I feel like the hulk punched me in the but! So the doc said to take it easy. So i’m going to do exactly what he said, Snowboard, wakeboard,longboard, and flo ride. Anyway hope you have a good time going all over the globe. But please one of these years, go to RIO DE JANEIRO! Have fun!
    Kanyon Lee

    • Hello nephew Kanyon, I know how you feel, I had to use an old man donut pillow when I broke my tailbone. It wasn’t a pretty sight! I hope that little pup of yours is doing great! Send me pics of her and your old man donut pillow. 🙂

  2. kanyon, you are so funny!

    Miss, Lisonbee! that looks so amazing! i love looking at the pictures you post!
    you are so lucky! 🙂 have a wonderful, amazing, awesome, fun summer 🙂

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